Surely not. But that’s kind of what I’m feeling right now after the initial sips of some Oolong tea (北埔白毫乌龙) while listening to Everything But The Girl. A little light-headed, a profound sense of bliss… I must be drunk with happiness.

The sun has just peeked through the overcast sky. Ah, is this not happiness?

3 replies on “Is it possible to get drunk on tea?

  1. Tea in the west is drank for its taste, tea is drank for is shi or effect in the east, this is why the western tea drinker will problably never trully understand the way of tea. it’s quite enjoyable to feel tea drunk and when we have the chance to drink really good quality tea and i think especially about some old raw puer tea, we can even be high on tea.
    Rather than looking for a nice taste, i choose my dailly tea for his shi. For example an old raw puer from the harvest of spring 1975, that i drank yeterday. it’s like the energy of that pecific sring time has been store into the tea leave, and that energy has been modified with time, and by the process of pooring hot water on those tea leave, we are waking up that energy and we drink it.
    life is too short to drink bad teas


    1. I still haven’t quite grasp the idea of ‘cha qi’ in tea. Sometimes I feel that it is the caffeine that’s affecting me instead of the ‘qi’! Fully agree with you that life is too short to drink bad teas.

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