Today at 0613 HKT (0013 CEST), the sun is just rising in Hong Kong.

These photos were taken during the early morning from our apartment in Tai O, a little fishing town on the western coast of Lantau Island in Hong Kong. It was half past six in the morning and the sky was already bright as fishermen set out to work in their boats. Such a tranquil and special moment to wake up to.01Early morning06tc4

02Early morning03-4tc4c

04Early morning10c2

05Early morning09tc4c

06Early morning11tc4

07Early morning12tc4

08Early morning16tc4

09Early morning01tc4

5 replies on “Daybreak in Tai O, Hong Kong / 大澳, 香港: 天亮了

    1. I was in HK for about 10 days, so we stayed in three different places – first in Mong Kok, to give my parents a taste of what I find so fascinating and energising about HK; then we spent some time in Tai O, Lantau where we got to see a less common side of HK and did some hiking; finally, I returned to Central with my sis where we rented a top-floor studio in Sheung Wan that gave us access to the rooftop. HK is one of my favourite cities in the world!

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