After more than a week of snow with sub-zero°C temperatures, I was grateful when it got warmer and the sun stuck around for a few days. Then, as is typical in Brussels, the grey clouds took over the skies again, bringing with it a constant morning drizzle, and back on came the gloves and hat.

This evening, as I entered into the warmth of my apartment from the freezing streets – I forgot my hat and gloves this morning – I suddenly thought of this photo that I took in Morocco.Essaouira - girl17 December 2008, Essaouira

This was taken on a sunny afternoon in Essaouira, a coastal Moroccan town with a laid-back vibe where you can eat freshly grilled seafood by the beach, surf, walk along the 18th century fortress or lose yourself amongst the meandering streets and alleys.

I was exploring the town with a fellow CouchSurfer I met in Marrakech – which is about three hours away by bus. The two of us girls shared a bed in the kitchen (no kidding) of a local CouchSurfer host and in the night, it got so cold – there was no heater in the kitchen, that she got up and put on all the clothes she had in her tiny suitcase, including her mittens! Just one of the adventures I had when I was travelling on my own in Marrakech, Barcelona and Paris : )

This is one of my favourite photos from this trip. I like how she has a shy yet slightly impish look in her eyes, and how her yellow jumper is accentuated by the sun shining on her.

I just came across a sponsored series of videos on The Guardian’s website. Amongst these is a montage made by a child when she was in Essaouira. It was interesting to see Essaouira again, this time, through a child’s eyes. My favourite moments: raindrops falling onto a puddle and a dog sleeping in the sun. Coincidentally, she made this comment at the end of the video: In Morocco, I think it’s really really sunny.

I can’t agree more.

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