I work in PR (Public Relations). The unfortunate reputation or stereotype of my trade is that of women, inclusive of some airheads, in slinky dresses and heels sipping champagne at glamorous soirées. While it’s true that I sometimes I have to dress up for events where the glass in hand always seems to be filled with bubbling champagne, this is more of the exception than the norm for me, fortunately.

You see, I don’t enjoy small talk and generally feel like a fish out of water in a room of strangers or acquaintances. But if it’s for work and I’m hosting some people, I’d completely transform and become vivacious. And it’s not an act. It’s as though a switch was flipped on when the purpose of my presence at an event is clear.

Same thing happens when I’m helping out as a photographer for an event. Instead of standing in a spot and wondering when it’d be time to go home, I’ll weave through the crowd effortlessly, and as though the camera is my license to do almost anything, I’d feel an immense sense of confidence and comfort.

How do you feel when you’re behind the camera at an event with people you don’t really know? 

This photo was taken in March 2011 @ la Miroiterie, Paris  

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