On my terrace, which has just enough space for a table, two chairs and a small grill.

We were at Mmmmh! yesterday to buy a Peugeot (pepper grinder, not car). Lo and behold, there was a special weekend sale with 20% off various barbecue-related products. AB had been talking about getting a grill for months and finally the perfect moment presented itself (albeit at the end of summer, but who cares as long as it’s warm enough to be outside)! He negotiated a 50% discount for the grill that was on display as the cover was dented and couldn’t be fully closed.


We went home with a grill, some meat and vegetables, several bottles of wine, a bag of charcoal, matches, and yes, a brand-new pepper grinder. Yay!

First thing he did was to bend the lid back into shape and, voilà, it works just fine now.

For our first barbecue at home, we had sticks of pork, beef and vegetables, as well as chicken wings marinated with soya sauce and honey. Together with some red wine and Belgian beer. Mmmmh!

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